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History is representational, while time is abstract; both of these artifices may be found in museums, where they span everybody’s own vacancy.” – Robert Smithson

I remember paying only three cents to mail a letter. Does anybody else? — Photo by Pat Bean

The Good Old Days? Or Not?

When you get to be an old broad like me, historical museums let you relive your life. That was especially true of the recent morning I spent at the Tucumcari Historical Museum.

The telephone switchboard on display took me back in time to the late 1950s. I had worked one of those machines when I was a Western Union operator back in the 1950s, after teaching myself to type on a manual typewriter like the one that sat nearby the switchboard.

First Tucumcari bathtub the sign said. Thankfully this was an item that was before my time. Not only was this bathtub child size, you had to heat the water that went in it. As I said, everything wasn’t the good old days. — Photo by Pat Bean

The treadle sewing machine on display looked exactly like the one my grandmother used, like the one I put a needle through my finger with when I was five years old. .

And then there was the stamp vending machine. Remember when stamps only cost a penny for a postcard and three cents for a first-class letter?

The television set on exhibit, however, looked a lot bigger than the first one in our home. I was 15 when we got it, so essentially I grew up without one. That’s hard for my grandkids to believe.

Some say those were the good old days. I’m not so sure. I think, like all of life, we get some good mixed in with the bad, whatever year it is.

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