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“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough. — Frank Crane

The faithful, trusting robin ... Photo by Pat Bean

It’s magic. I’m standing eye-to-eye, three feet away from a robin sitting on a nest. She’s looking straight at me and I’m talking to her quietly. “And how’s the good mother this morning. What a good mother you’re going to make.”

She stares back at me, hopefully understanding that my heart wants only the best for her. The trust I see in her eyes tells me she at least understands I mean her no harm. I’d like to know how many tiny blue eggs she’s sitting on, but I’ve never seen her nest untended. To get any closer I believe would destroy our human-bird relationship. So I patiently wait for the day when I can count hungry gaping mouths. That’s assuming of course, the eggs are successfully hatched.

It’s the fourth morning in a row that I’ve visited this faithful mother-to-be. Her nest sits on a three-inch brick ledge on the side of the Visitor Center at Farragut State Park near Couer d’Alene, Idaho. Another robin has a nest on a ledge on the back side of the building. She flies away at the first sight of me coming around the corner 30 feet away. I see fear in her eyes as she watches me from the top of a nearby tree. I stay away from her nest. I don’t want to worry her more.

I wonder why she fears me so and why the other robin is more trusting. What different lives they must have led, I think as I reflect on my own life. I don’t give my trust easily or often. Life taught me not to do so.

Meanwhile, I’ve told no one here at the park the location of my trusting robin’s nest. But its easily seen and accessible ledge offers it little protection. All I can do is hope others who spot it are worthy of the same trust the robin gives me. I also hope one day to share a picture of tiny robins sharing a nest that sits on a brick ledge.

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