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 “Rivers know this. There is no hurry. We’ll get there someday.” Winnie the Pooh.


A walk along the Virgin River in Zion National Park. I love this shot with light and shadows playing together. — Photo by Pat Bean


Calm Waters

And how about the colors on the rocks surrounding this calm pool? Don’t they just calm your soul. — Photo by Pat Bean

Busy day today for me here at Lake Walcott State Park in Idaho, where I’m campground host for the summer.

I’ve been here for a month now, although my blog has still been dawdling along on my trip from Texas to get here, and will for another couple of days at least.

Today I head into town, 25 miles away, for one of my twice monthly visits. I need to do grocery shopping, laundry, get a haircut, and of course, buy my canine traveling companion, Pepper, a treat.

But before I go, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite water pictures from Zion National Park. Enjoy.

Bean’s Pat: Soul Writings http://tinyurl.com/7hzo543 This happy-ending story about Freedom made me cry.

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