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Purple gem

Abandoned bee or wasp’s nest
Cactus buds
Onion family plant, perhaps.
Thistle blossoms — Photo by Pat Bean

“The woods are lovely dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep…” — Robert Frost

Travels With Maggie

I wanted to show you pictures yesterday of all the tidbits Mother Nature showed me on my walk through the mesquite grove at Lake Arrowhead State Park. WordPress, however, was being ornery and wouldn’t cooperate.

So since I want to get an early start on the road today so I can put some miles behind me and have a day to sit, since I must be in Zion National Park on the 29th, I thought I would simply show you those things today as my blog offering.

P.S. WordPress, by the way, is still being ornery. It wouldn’t let me place the pictures where I wanted them in my blog.

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