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This groundhog is enjoying a past spring. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

 “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” — Maori Proverb

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Two famous groundhogs, Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania and Gen. Beau Lee in Georgia, didn’t see their shadows this morning. This means, according to an old German superstition, that we’ll have an early spring.

Groundhogs are members of the marmot family, and they hibernate in burrows during the winter. I doubt that any wild ones would have even stuck their noses out of the ground this morning, since a killer storm is currently moving across the country.

Phil and Lee are the mascots of two groundhog clubs, whose members actually do the weather prognosticating themselves. But the groundhogs’ supposed predictions of an early spring should still be good news to those buried today beneath snow and ice.

No snow where I’m at, but the weather experts say the 23 degrees the temperature gauge reads would feel more like 9 degrees if I stuck my head out of my RV. For the record, I’m currently parked in a son’s Lake Jackson, Texas, driveway. And 9 degrees, or 24 for that matter, is pretty darn cold for the Texas Gulf Coast.

It’s a mere mosquito bite, however, to what other parts of the country are experiencing.

According to a story in the NY Times, about a third of the country is paralyzed. Nearly 13,000 flights have been canceled and the number is expected to rise to 20,000.

It’s a day for those of us who are holed up snug and warm to send vibes of hope to those who have been caught up in Mother Nature’s frigid tantrum. It’s also a good day for those of who are safely cosseted to count our blessings.

Mine includes family, friends, my dog Maggie, my health, a zest for life, good coffee, comfortable shoes, a decent computer, birds to watch and roads to travel.

That’s just 10, but there are hundreds of others. That’s OK. I have the whole day ahead to contemplate them.

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