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An amazing photo by Joanne Kamo of the fork-tailed flycatcher at Galveston Island State Park.

“Obsession is a young man’s game, and my only excuse is that I never grew old.” — Michael Caine.

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It might have been nasty and c old outside yesterday, but that didn’t keep passionate birdwatchers away from Galveston Island State Park. Judging by the comments on Texbirds, an online birding report, many of them earned gold for their efforts, the gold being a rare feathered visitor to the Texas Gulf Coast: a fork-tailed flycatcher.

Because the bird was wet, Joanne was able to see and photograph the yellow spot on the bird's crown, indicating it's a male. -- Photo by Joanne Kamo

This exotic South American bird, whose tail is longer than its body, has been hanging out at the park for several days. Among those who saw it was Joanne Kamo, a fantastic photographer whose photos accompany this blog. I drooled over them, especially since circumstances hindered me from going to see this flycatcher myself.

It wasn’t a matter of distance. The park is only 40 miles from my son’s home in Lake Jackson, Texas, where my RV, Gypsy Lee, is currently parked. That’s a mere walk in the park compared to the 200 miles I once drove to see osprey parents with chicks – and that day didn’t end until I drove the 200 miles back home..

That was the day I realized I had become a diehard birder.. Unless you’re one you really won’t understand. But if you’re interested, read “The Big Year” by Mark Obmascik. It’s all about three men in a race to see who can see the most North American bird species during 1998.

Meanwhile, like me, you can enjoy Joanne’s awesome photos. Or if you’re in the neighborhood, you could go see the bird for yourself. The latest Texbirds’ e-mails indicate it’s still hanging around.

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